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Dated: 03/24/2016

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  1. Modern house Top 10 Tips To Sell Your Home Without A Realtor

Want to Sell Your Home Without A Realtor?

With today’s technology and tools, you might be able to sell your home without the help of a Realtor.

Selling a house is all about good marketing and showcasing the home in places where potential buyers are looking. The internet gives buyers access to a multitude of homes for sale. If you want to sell your home without a realtor, you need to make your home stand out from all the others and position it correctly. These are the keys. to a successful sale.

In today's market ir takes more than just listing it on the MLS, planting a sign in the yard and praying, (which is what most realtors do.) You need to be able to properly position your home online to get the best possible exposure. More exposure leads to more eyeballs on your home which leads to more showings, which leads to more offers and hopefully a higher price. In this day and age, you must engage online marketing, it is the essential key to a successful sale. After all, who doesn't start looking for a home online in today's wired world. Even buyers who are looking with realtors search online themselves.


1. Pictures. Pictures are worth thousands of dollars when it comes to selling real estate. Not having excellent pictures is the biggest mistake made by people trying to sell a home without a realtor. As a matter of fact, many realtors make the same mistake. Bad pictures can be just as bad if not worse than no pictures at all. Buyers look at pictures and make up their mind in a matter of seconds they like this one don't like that one. I'm sure you do the same thing when you're looking at pictures of homes. Without great professional pictures home don't get shown, leading to no offers.

2. Videos. Videos allow a potential home buyer to get a better feel for the home by walking through it. Good video will increased exposure a home has on the market. Many high-end homes use drone photography, overhead videos and exterior shots of the home from many different angles. Be careful if your thinking of doing your own drone videos, there are strict government rules and regulations about flying drones.

3. Marketing remarks. Remarks need to create a good story for your home, great marketing remarks are vital when describing your home for sale. Your home description needs to appeal to potential buyers. You want to paint a picture of your home and the lifestyle that it offers in words. Include important details about the neighborhood, parks, schools.

4. Online syndication. You need to have your home on the largest search engines like Zillow, Trulia,,, and the 800 pound gorilla Craigslist, as well as many for sale by owner sites as you can.

5. Property details. Make sure you have as many details about the property and the home listed or filled out on all these websites you can point to websites about the schools, parks and other features of the neighborhood. If you're selling a condo or home with a homeowners association ensure to list all the dues and what is included with them.

6. Pricing. No matter how much marketing you do if the price isn't right you're not going to get any showings or offers. The first few weeks your home is on the market is the time you'll get the best price for it. That's when all the potential buyers who've been scouring the Internet for homes see a new one pop up on the market. People search in price brackets be strategic in how you price your home. The best way to get a home sold is to have it priced at the lower end of similar priced homes on the market. Price it correctly from the get-go and it will sell quickly. If it is on the market too long people will wonder why no one else has bought this home. Don't price your home on what you need to get for it, or you want to get for it, but what the market says it will sell for.

7. Staging. The best thing would be to hire professional stager or to get advice or help you stage your home. But once again you can do it yourself. The number one thing you can do is the clutter your home. Give it some curb appeal. Freshen it up with a little paint and some flowers outside. Make your house look really good. Fix any problem areas, ensure you have good lighting and all the lights are on when you show the house. Do some of those minor improvements you've always thought about, new faucets, new light fixtures, maybe a new front door. A home in move in ready condition will sell in less time for more money.

8. Signs. Get a sign in the yard. A for sale sign with information to get the neighbors and anyone who drives by the information they need about your home. Check with the neighbors, one of them might have a friend who wants to move into the neighborhood.

9. Create some buzz. Again it's just a good marketing plan that is important. Maybe a coming soon sign in the yard before you actually put on the market that will generate some interest. Put something in your marketing remarks like, " all offers will be reviewed on Friday, March 23." You want to create the perception of the well valued well appointed home.

10. This offer incentives to realtors. Offer realtors commission to sell your home, realtors are working with lots of buyers and they might have one that fits your home.

Fsbo guyI wish you the best of luck if you try to Sell Your Home Without A Realtor. If for some reason you don't sell it feel free to contact me at 460-739-6981 for some helpIf for some reason you don't sell it feel free to contact me at 460-739-6981 for some help

For sale by owner homes accounted for 8% of the total homes sold in 2015. The median selling price of a for sale by owner home was $210,000 in 2015, while it was $245,000 for agent assisted sales.

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