MillionsMapped Phone App Searches For Homes Nationally With Accurate MLS Data

Dated: 12/21/2017

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MillionsMapped is a free phone app used to search for homes for sale or rent locally or nationally (available in most states).  MM uses accurate, up-to-date MLS data.  You won't find any obsolete listings that sold weeks or months ago.


MillionsMapped works in cooperation with your favorite Realtor.  Install the either by clicking on the link provided by your Realtor.  This is mine, Bob Kelly in Western Washington:

Or find the app in the App Store or Play Store under the name "millions mapped real estate" from Kunversion, LLC.  In this case, under the app's User Settings, add your Realtor's Agent Code.  My agent code is A8844.


Follow along with the screenshots below to see how the app works.

Image titleLook for "millions mapped real estate" in the App Store or Play Store.  Request the Agent Code from your favorite Realtor.  (Mine is A8844.)Image titleClick Near Me to see houses for sale near you.  The app highlights most recent listings, shows schools, and can also switch to houses for rent.
Image titleClick on Draw.  Here on the screen I drew an shape around North Tacoma - the most desirable area of Tacoma.  Only homes within the shape will be shown until you hit Clear.
Image titleClick List to see a scrollable list of homes in the selected area.
Image titleAt the upper right click on Heat Map Type.  You'll find 9 choices.  Here I chose "Popular", which indicates areas with the most page views.  This popular area is centered on Ruston near Point Defiance Park with views of Commencement Bay.
Image titleClick on the magnifying glass at the upper right of the map.  That brings you to the advanced search criteria.  Here I'm searching for a fixer upper under $300,000 of a certain size.
Image titleHere I found a fixer upper in East Tacoma.Image titleClick on the photo and you reach the MLS details of this property.
Image titleYou can cycle through all of the photos for this fixer upper.  Looks like some cabinet doors are missing in the kitchen.
Image titleUnder User Settings you'll find the place to enter your favorite Realtor's Agent Code.
Image titleThe brackets < > at the upper left of the map reaches a menu.  The My Agent menu item brings up the contact info of your favorite Realtor.  Buttons are provided to initiate a call, email, or text to the agent.
Image titleFor homeowners the app has a My Home's Value feature.  You can search for any home by address there.
Image titleThe app is national.  Let's suppose I'm selling a house in Tacoma, Washington and moving to Henderson, Nevada.  The app lets me monitor both markets.  Or I might help a friend or relative go house shopping in a remote market.

Install the app now!

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