Generation Z is Ready to Buy

Dated: 06/11/2019

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Who is generation Z? It's a large (65 million!) hardy group of young adults between the ages of about 18-25. The number of Millennials is projected to reach 73 million this year, and will out number Baby Boomers. Millennials have been more cautious, because they remember 911 and the Recession of 2008, and came out of high school and college to a pretty rough job market. Gen Z on the other hand, wasn't quite cognizant of those historical events and is entering a much more promising job market as they graduate. Gen Z  will account for about 40 of all consumers by 2020! Gen Z , is saving up and planning on buying real estate and see it as an important building block of wealth and stability. Like anyone of any generation, trying to enter the housing market for the first time, they see the coming up with a down payment as a stumbling block. If you are a Gen Z, know a Gen Z or have a Gen Z mindset, let's talk. There are lots of programs designed to help you get started!
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Sally Farrell

I have thoroughly enjoyed my career as a Realtor and working with families and individuals in my community. Being a Realtor means much more to me than just making a living, just as buying or selling ....

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