A Rare Sunny February Afternoon at Titlow Park and Hidden Beach

Dated: 03/08/2019

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Titlow Lagoon

After meeting a client in University Place in the late morning, I had the afternoon free - a rare sunny afternoon in February.  So I stopped nearby at Titlow Park on Puget Sound in West Tacoma.  I had been there before for the restaurant and view from the dock, but on this afternoon I discovered much more of interest at the park.

Firstly, there are two extensive lagoons in the park.  A sign explains that they are being restored for wildlife and that lagoons are important to the ecology of Puget Sound.  There were hundreds of ducks of at least two species in the lagoons.  Nearby is an extensive new playground.

From the lagoons I continued on the 1.3 mile loop trail.  The trail leads through the woods and over a bridge with a nice view of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  Further on the trail leads to a derelict boating club, and then down onto Hidden Beach.

Hidden Beach was indeed hidden.  Nobody else turned up at the beach while I was there.

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