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We are experiencing a shift in the real estate market place. While many areas are going to feel the shift more than we in Whatcom and Skagit Counties, we will do best to adjust our mindset and to move with the times. Many areas, like Seattle, will see a big pendulum swing in the prices and number of homes for sale, ours will just be more like a baby swing, pushed by a gentle grandma. Prices will continue to rise, but the market will become a bit more balanced in favor of buyers. There may not be as many multiple offers and homes may take a bit longer to sell than in the past couple of years. More reason to make sure that when you list for home for sale that it shines above the competition.

 Among the full suite of services I provide, including professional photography to make your on-line listing look it’s very best, I provide a free staging consultation with Haven Interiors.

Carrie and Emma

Carrie Butler and Emma Van der Veld. Haven Interiors

Here is what Carrie Butler of Haven Interiors, has to say, 

When we stage a home, our goal is to give buyers eyes to see potential. Even the most beautiful home, if empty, can leave a buyer wondering what to do with their furniture and decor. Staging casts a vision for the house; how they can use it and make it their own. Many buyers have a hard time visualizing a room with their stuff in it, so we want to eliminate any hesitation they may have about the home. We have seen time and time again that staged homes sell faster and for more money because the buyer is able to see themselves living in the home... and that’s gold! And, if you plan to live in your home while it’s being sold, staging still matters. We can help you decide what stays, what goes, and how to place your furniture and decor to make your house stand out above the rest. We can’t recommend staging enough!”


In an article written for Forbes Magazine, July 2018, Will Featherstone, answers the question. What is the payoff of having my home staged?

This will depend on your market. In some real estate markets, having your home staged is the difference between it standing out to buyers and actually selling, versus sitting on the market for months and not going anywhere. In other markets, having your home beautifully staged is the difference of thousands (and sometimes even tens of thousands) of dollars in the final sale price.

Ultimately, you will have to make the decision about whether or not to have your home staged. But keep in mind, forgoing staging could mean leaving thousands of dollars on the table.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Because I implement these services for my sellers, my average sales price for the past couple of years has been 2.5% ABOVE the asking price. The average in Whatcom County that same period was about 1% BELOW the asking price.  I have teamed up with another wonderful Realtor, Diana Burgon, and we look forward to working together to answer your questions about this process, the other services we will provide to get you home sold and sold well! 

Diana Burgon and Sally Farrell

See you soon!

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