Keep Your Lender Happy While You Are Buying A Home

Dated: 11/21/2014

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So you have your dream home under contract. Want to keep things going smoothly. Here are a few tips your lenders would recommend to make sure your credit score doesn't change enough to lose your loan.
Do List
Disclose everything, be transparent
Continue to save money
Ask questions - don't assume anything
Stay current on your payments
Provide all documents and fulfill all conditions ASAP
Do Not List
Do not quit you job, or change jobs or become self employed
Do not take unpaid vacation or leave
Do not make any significant purchases until after closing (Do not by new furniture or a new car)
Do not transfer money between accounts without talking to your loan officer first
Do not sell items without proper documentation, have a paper trail
Do not apply for any kind of credit
Do not increase balances on any credit account
Do not make any large deposits into your bank account
Do not co-sign for anyone for aby reason

Follow these simple rules for a smooth transaction with your lender

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