2016 May Be The Perfect Time For You To Buy A Home

Dated: 12/07/2015

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greenhouseOK so my crystal ball has broken and I just can't find a good crystal ball repairman (or repairwoman either). But I do  think 2016 may be a great time to buy a home. Let's look at a few things.

First...Some of those so called experts (who seem to have working crystal balls) are saying that prices increases will start to slow down next year.

Next....More homes are expected to come on the market. The price appreciation we have seen over the past few years will have more sellers. More builders will be getting to work so more new homes will be coming on the market as well.

And then.....Record low interest rates could become a thing of the past. We have all heard the rumor of the Fed raising interest rates. Rates are expected to rise slowly, but higher rates translate to higher mortgage payements....The sooner you buy the better your mortgage rate, translating to lower payments or more house for the dollar.

Lastly..... Rents are expected to rise next year which means in many places buying will be cheaper than renting.

If youre interested in learning more about home ownership and how that can happen for you let's talk.

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